Book review Odi Okafor

The book I'm reading for my book review project is called Box Out by Joh Coy.  This book is about about a sophomore basketball player named Liam Bergstorm.  One day Liam got called up from jv basketball to varsity basketball, but not because he was talented like the other players on varsity but because he was tall and could grab rebounds and that's exactly what varsity needed after their star center went down with an injury.  Liam is now playing catch up being the newest and youngest player on the team. Things on varsity were very serious and weird but the hardest thing for Liam to conform to is his coaches team prayers that they have every time before a game. Everyone on the team is used to doing whatever the coach wants with no questions asked. Whenever they prayed before the game Liam felt super uncomfortable with it.  Liam didn't have anyone really to talk to besides his girlfriend MacKenzie who is in France for about 4 months. And each day they are growing more and more apart which breaks liars heart. This story in my opinion is very very good because it describes a boy that is trying to valence his basketball life, his relationship, and his school life all at once.  This book not only can be for entertainment but it can also be used as a guide book to help other student athletes with their relationships and social life.

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