Jewish Perspective

By: Krystal Ceniceros



1.Whywas Jerusalem important to your group?                                                           The significance of jerusalem to Jews. It is so important because it is where their faiths started and it contained holy lands. Jerusalem has been in the Jewish Capital since BCE 1500. That is when David Captured it from the Jebusites. It was destroyed in AD73 by the Romans who then expelled the Jews from their land. Jerusalem was important to Jews Because a long time ago there was an old temple there. That temple was destroyed by the Romans, 2000 years ago. Religious Jews still want to believe Jerusalem is the most important place for any Jewish people there is.For more than 3,000 years, Jerusalem has played a role in the history of the Jews. A role first documented in the scriptures. Jews have called Jerusalem their ancestral home.

2. The cause of the Crusades from the Jews perspective.                                         The crusades made the Jews. So because of the Crusaders to the Jewish'.

3. Impact of the Crusades on the Jews                                                            Jewish Communities were forced to pay ransoms to finance crusaders. When crusaders swept into Constantinople, they comitted things against orthodox, as well  as jews and muslims.  

4. Jews perception of other groups during the Crusades.

Jews at the time were suspected of plotting the destruction of Christianity,with the Muslims. In 1063 massacresagainst the Jews in Spain and France happened to occur. Jews were reffered as non-believers, so they were viewed s inferiors to other groups. Jews were held responsible for the crucifixion and they were more visible than the muslims.

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