Mobile Apps to Use in the Classroom

Lara Luft -  EDU 210 Module 9

There are so many apps that are available to be used in the classroom. Mobile use in the classroom is important to help engage students and incorporate technology into lesson plans. Each lesson will have it's own particular objective and various apps can help meet these objectives. Below are some apps that would be beneficial to use in the classroom.

Drawing Carl

This app is designed for art classes and has been labelled as "the best drawing app for kids". This app is designed for younger ages to utilize their creativity in order to create unique pictures and drawings.

Example of how it could be used in a classroom:

This App could be incorporated into an elementary school art class. I would not use this app to replace an other form of creation but rather as an addition to the class. This app could be used to design a work before hand which the student would later develop using physical materials. This allows the student to be creative but still easily change their design if they are unhappy with it. Once the student has come up with a image they are happy with, they can then use art supplies such as paint, markers, crayons, coloured, paper, glitter.. etc to create their work. This allows students to be innovative in choosing art supplies they will use.

Disney American Presidents

This app, provided by Disney is designed to teach students about american presidents and history. The student will flip through the Oval office scrapbook where they can find facts, photos and videos about each past president.

Example of how it could be used in a classroom:

This app could be in an American history or social Studies class to allow students a chance to learn without the teacher standing at the front and just repeating facts to the student. One lesson plan this could be used for could be to split up the class into groups and assign each group a specific president (or several presidents) to research. The students could then use the app to research their assigned president(s) and present the information they found to their classmates. This allows the student to work together to find information as well as further develop their own understanding by teaching it to their peers.

Frog Dissection

This app, as its title suggests, offers the user the opportunity to take part in a virtual frog dissection. This is beneficial to general science and biology classes both at the Junior High and high school level. This app allows users to explore the tools and process of frog dissection.

Example of how it could be used in a classroom:

This app could be used in a classroom in several beneficial ways. One way this app could be incorporated into the classroom would be as a tool to allow students who were either absent on the day of the frog dissection or who are not comfortable with taking part in a physical dissection, an opportunity to still experience the learning associated with the activity. It could be also be used as a review tool. After a physical dissection has occurred, students could go back and review the activity and redo it virtually to help better embed the knowledge and prepare for examinations.

Hungry Guppy

This app is designed for younger students (ages 3-7), making this app appropriate for Kindergarten through to Grade 2. Students practice addition skills by feeding numbers to the fish.

Example of how it could be used in a classroom:

This app could be used as a way to fill time that will still be beneficial to students. For instance, when a student has completing a quiz or assignment before their fellow classmates, they could retrieve an iPad from the class set and practice their math skills to pass the time. This way the student is still learning, rather then being bored, distracting other or wasting the time on their phones with un-educational activities.


This app, as the title suggests, designed for teachers. It is a helpful tool that allows teachers to manage their classroom by organizing attendance, seating charts, grades, and add notes about student behaviour

Example of how it could be used in a classroom:

This app could be used on a daily basis to help the teacher maintain organization in the classroom. Keeping thorough notes, grades and attendance records is vital and helps the classroom to run smoother. Having a well organized classroom is critical to producing a conducive learning environment.

Other Valuable Apps:

As was mentioned before, there is an overwhelming amount of apps available to teachers to use in their classroom. This Tackk has only listed a few of the many that are available. Below I have listed several more apps that I believe would be valuable to use in a classroom. Keeping in mind that this list is only a few of the thousands of apps available for education use, I encourage teachers to check them out and think of ways they could be incorporated into their classrooms.

- Sonoflex

- Remind 101

- Educreations


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