Know me!

My interests

Well, often I write here about some things I think cool or things I did. Now, I am writing about me and my life!My full name is big, but I prefer just Bruna Malovini. I'm 20 years old, but just more some days because my birthday is coming! December 29th. I study metallurgical engineering in IFES, a Technological Institution in Brazil. I'm participating in Government's Program "Science Without Borders", so, now I'm studying English in Confederation College and next that I'm going to study engineering there.

Below, there are my friends' pictures of Confederation and of IFES.

I have to show my family too! My parents, my sister and I; my friends in Brazil; and the best basketball team in the world, my team in IFES!

Finally, pictures of my favourite singer, Luan Santana, when I went in his three different concerts, and his two most famous video clips.