Birth and Women's Center Dallas

Holistic Care at the Birth and Women’s Center of Dallas

About Birth and Women's Center Dallas

The Birth and Women’s Center of Dallas caters to women and their partners who desire to have a childbirth experience free of unnecessary interventions. Located in the Swiss Avenue historic district in Dallas, this charming birth center offers a nurturing environment conducive to a relaxed, natural labor and delivery. However, not every woman can achieve her dream of a completely intervention-free childbirth. Minor medical issues may require some testing and treatments, but if the risks of complications are low, the mother may still be able to give birth in the birthing center. This is because the Birth and Women’s Center is staffed with certified nurse-midwives who are extensively trained to handle minor issues, allowing mothers to have modified births at the center that come as close as possible to the experience they envisioned.

The compassionate staff at the Birth and Women’s Center encourages women and their partners to work together during the labor and delivery process. Most women move around freely during labor, and many choose to labor in water for optimal comfort. Fathers can help deliver their babies and are encouraged to give them a bath shortly after birth as a bonding experience. The new family will not leave the center until the midwives determine that the mother and baby are in good health and have dispensed advice on infant care and breastfeeding and have made follow-up appointments.