Holiday Staging Tips for Montrealers

Should You Put Your Home In The Market During the Holidays?

Selling your home during the holidays in Montreal can be a challenge with snow and holiday festivities distracting potential buyers.

On the bright side, there may be less competition with only motivated buyers looking. If you are selling your home during this time, you may be wondering how, and if you should decorate. My answer is Yes! But keep it simple. Potential buyers this time of year expect and respond to tasteful and simple holiday decor.

Here are a few tips to make sure potential buyers are connecting to your home during the holidays!

1. Make sure your home is clean and de cluttered! Adding any kind of decor to a cluttered house is a big mistake. Buyers will only see your “stuff”and not the features of the home.

2. If you are putting up a tree, make sure there is ample space for buyers to walk and view the home. Keep ornaments simple, don’t overload the tree with every ornament you own. Just a few neatly wrapped presents under the tree will keep it festive and simple.

3. Keep your yard clean with ample light. The First Impression is outside view of your home. A holiday wreath on the front door or a simple menorah in the window is enough. Too much lawn decor will detract from the features of your home.

4. Make sure the focus selling points, i.e. the bay window or the fireplace mantel are still visable and are not hiden with decor.

5. Have scented cinnamon or Vanilla Candles on, or bake some fresh cinnamon cookies. The nice welcoming home aroma, remains in the memory of the buyers,even after they leave your home.

6. When in doubt, ask your broker for some advise .This way you are sure to please any seasonal buyer, and will have them envisioning how they will spend future holidays in their new space!

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