Repüblica Oriental del Uruguay
Chloe Arnold

Uruguay from a sky view


Population: 3.4 million

Language: Spanish

Capitol City: Montevideo

Currency: Peso

Neighboring Countries: Brazil and Argentina

Famous Places:

Solís Theatre: Uruguay's oldest theatre

Mano de Punta del Este: a sculpture

Plaza Indepencia: the capitol: Montevideo's most important plaza

Mano de Punta del Este

Spanish expressions from Uruguay:

ta = okay

eso es de la planta = that is very excellent

!que embole! = what a bummer!

Climate & Geography

Uruguay is mostly made up of plains and small hill ranges split by rivers and basins. The weather is gentle and humid with warm summers with tropical air flowing from Brazil and in the winter polar air can make it cool to cold; it rarely snows. Weather changes in Uruguay can be abrupt due to no mountains to block any winds.

Food and drink in Uruguay

Chivito(steak sandwich with cheese, lettuce, tomato, bacon, ham, olives and pickles)

clericó (wine mixed with fruit juice)

Pictures of places & people in Uruguay

Montevideo, Uruguay
Uruguayan school girl taking a picture of a calf
Viaje del circo

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