Famous Architects and Interior Designers
Created By: Alexa Marie Straws

Architect: Willam Adam

Born: October 1689 in Scotland

Died: June 24, 1748

Style: The Palladian Style (modified classic Roman) & used Baroque details

Popular: His rise to fame is linked with the retirement of James Smith. Like Smith, William Adam was a trained mason, had social connections, and financial backing from successful business ventures. When Smith retired Adam was working on projects at Floors Castle and designing extensions Hopetoun House. He became known as the most prominent Scottish architect of his time.

Famous For: Pollok House, Floors Castle, Yester House, Arniston House, Inveraray Castle, Hamilton Old Parish Church, and Craigharroch.

Interior Designer: Karim Rashid

Born: 1960 in Cairo, Egypt.

Today: He was raised in Canada and is now a U.S. citizen.

Style: Minimalism

Popular: Karim Rashid began his career designing train seating and 3-D glasses for IMAX theaters. He decided that this was too industrial and decided to embrace his own creativity and make some prototypes of original furniture pieces. A company called Nambe in Santa Fe California hired Rashid to make some objects for them and his designs became extremely successful.

Famous For: The Garbo waste can, the bobble water bottle, the Oh Chair for Umbra, a concept store for Giorgio Armani, and lighting for Artemide.

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