Killing Mr.Krabs

You may see SpongeBob as a cute,sweet,fun loving guy.But boy is he fooling you.He is a cold blooded killer. This is the story from the beginning of how he killed Mr.Krabs: One day a person from the underwater government comes to SpongeBob's home and says that his house is being taken away. SpongBob realizes that he needs a raise for him to be able to pay off his home.The next day he goes to Mr.Krabs and begs for a raise.Of course, he denies to give him the extra money. SpongeBob gets mad because he knows for a fact that Mr.Krabs is drowning in money.

Who knows. SpongeBob could have gotten mad enough to murder. When SpongeBob went to ask Mr.Krabs (for the last time), he got so mad he grabbed his spatula and cut Mr.Krabs's throat.You could see the anger on his face as he was turned down,yet again, for a raise.

Don't let that face fool you.He killed a poor, innocent man for MONEY!After he slit Mr.Krabs's throat,he went into the cash register and stole the money that he needed to pay off his house.I hope that you will try to go far beyond that toothy grin and see my side of the story.

I also hope that SpongeBob will learn his lesson when he is behind bars.For life!

Do you really want a maniac roaming the supposedly "safe" streets of the Bikini Bottom?Of course the streets would be safe if we didn't have a KILLER ON THE LOOSE!

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2 years ago

I love spongbob he rock great job skinny bill