my photography

this is a photography of an original wall.
I took this picture because it has a lot of patterns.

edited wall

on this edited wall I used shapes to make a cool effect! I chose it because it looks interesting and I also used a effect called Kevin.

normal photo

I took this photo because the technique I used was a close blur and clear background.

edited grass

For my edited  photo I used a bright effect called Greg. I also used a boarder with ferns.

original photo

The technique I used for this was that you could see that the tree branches go many ways, and it follows the tree upwards.

edited tree

On my edited tree I used flames on each side, an effect and a darkness around the photo

original photo

I took this photo because if you  go up close you can see patterns, I it goes big to small,clear to blur

edited photo

this is my edited photo with effect,flames and burn lines, i chose it because it looks good

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