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Clothes and Food in Burundi

The clothes we wear in Burundi are pants and tee shirts. Also women wear skirts with a tee shirt on top. We don't wear many layers of clothes here because it's warmer most of the time. The kind of food we eat over here is vegatables, meat perferibly beef or goat.


Burundi is close to the equator so it's warm and humid. The average Temp in Burundi is eighty six degrees. When you go to the higher elevations it's around seventy to seventy five.

Holidays in Burundi

The big holiday over here is christmas. You wear your best clothes to the parties. Most of the celebration revolves around children.


The Senate has 54 members. The National Assembly has a mininum of one hundred seats. The voting age is eighteen.


  1. The langauge we speak here in Burundi is french and Kirundi. By the third year in school french is the langauge that the teacher insructs you with. But the first two years of school you speak and learn Kirundi.


Twenty percent follow the indigenous beliefs. Most people think themselves as Muslims or Christians. Sixty two percent of Burundians are Roman Catholic.


In rural areas most kids get home schooled. Most boys hunt, guard cattle, and do chores instead of going to school. Girls learn to manage the house like clean and do laundry.


There is a lot of things over here that you may like. Like sports we play a lot of the same sports here as you would play in America. But also we play some different sports too. Some of the sports are soccer, volleyball, and basketball.

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