Chapter 2 Project: Hot! Hot! Hot!


Project Information: You are the owner of the sizzling Sauce Company. Your company makes two different kinds of sauce, Red Hot and Scorchin' Hot.


                Red Hot Sauce                                          |                      Scorchin' Hot Sauce

                  (x-variable)                                             |                       (y-variable)

                    1 Pint                                                       |                        1 Pint

    * 1 pint tomato sauce with onions                   |         * 1 pint tomato sauce with onions

   * 5 green peppers, diced                                     |          * 4 green peppers, diced

   * 4 hot chili peppers, seeded and diced          |        * 8 hot chili peppers, seeded and diced

To be a successful owner of a business, you want to minimize costs, maximize profit, and keep customers satisfied by filling orders promptly.

ACTIVITY 1: To fill an order for sizzlin' sauces, you bought 1050 green peppers and 1200 hot chili peppers.

*The system of inequalities for the number of pints of each kind of sauce you can make is Y<=5/4x+262.5 and Y<=-1/2x+150 (x>=0, y>=0).


*The solution I selected was (0,0). with this solution you will have 1050 green peppers left over and 1200 hot chili peppers left over.

ACTIVITY 2: Say I make $1.20 / pt profit on Red Hot Sauce and $1.00/ pt profit on Scorchin' Hot sauce. Using the constraints/ inequalities from the above activity, now decide how much of each sauce you should make and sell to maximize your profit what is the maximum profit?


(0,0)                                             Usage: 150 pints of Red Hot Sauce

(0,150)                                                    : 75 pints of scorching Hot Sauce             

(150,75)                                Your maximum profit as a result would be $255.00


ACTIVITY 3: Foodlion prices for ingredients are: (Guesstimates)

-1 pint tomato sauce with onions: $2.20

-1 green pepper, diced: $.85

-1 hot chili pepper, seeded and diced: $.55

*Price of 1 pint of Red Hot Sauce: $7.05

*Price of 1 pint of Scorchin' Hot Sauce: $8.48

I would sell the Red Hot Sauce for $8.25 per pint and the Scorchin' Hot Sauce for $9.48 per pint.

ACTIVITY 4: You can sell the sauce to a supermarket, local grocery store, or a specially store. The supermarket will buy 288 pints every 8 weeks, the grocery store will buy 60 pints every 4 weeks, and the specially store will buy 24 pints every week.

To fill the orders, you should produce 75 pints of sauce each week!

                                                                    PROFIT ANALYSIS

* The profit of producing sizzlin' Sauces is that your making 75 pints of sauce each week. A pint of Red Hot Sauce cost $7.05 to make. A pint of Scorchin' Hot Sauce cost $8.48 to make. You sell Red Hot Sauce for $8.25 and sell the Scorchin' Hot Sauce for $9.48. This brings in a maximum profit of approximately $255.

* You have other expenses where you'd have to raise your selling price to keep that profit. Shipping, workers, production facility, and utilities could be recommended.


$81.00 a month for production

$25.00 a week for gas

$120.00 a month for utilities

$72.00 for workers a week.

                                                              THE GRAPH!

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