Astronomy Through The Ages

yes, I'm talking about space and all that cool stuff

Do you really know EVERYTHING about space? I doubt it because not even astronomers today know everything about space. Astronomers are still trying to figure out the wonders of space. From the dawn of time till today astronomers have been asking the hard questions about space. Space is the kind of thing that no one may ever find the answers too. In the early 19th century astronomers were just curious people looking through telescopes on their rooftops hoping to catch a glimpse of  a comet passing by. Today, astronomers have high tech telescopes and multiple satellites orbiting planets taking pictures of things we thought we would never see. Astronomers in the past struggled with finding out anything about space because they didn't have the technology we have today.  Technology has played a big role in learning more about space.

The beginning of time vs. now

Signs of early astronomy can be found as far back as 16,500 years. During this time humans were drawing star maps on the walls of caves. A few years after that the Egyptians finished the first calendar. This dates back to as far back as 4236 BC. The Egyptians realized that a group of stars rose every 365 days thus creating the time for the calendar. The stars and the calendar were tied together through astronomy. Many years later Julius Caesar created the Julian calendar which he created by using facts by the Egyptians. This calendar was used until 1582. People have used stars to navigate their ships for as long as boats have been around. It was a very difficult task though.

Being an astronomer in the past was hard. Everyone believed something totally different than the astronomer which made it hard for them to get their point across. Most of the time astronomers were exiled from the church for going against what the bible says about space. With the technology that was being used back then no one could search any farther than what they see through their telescope. The only thing astronomers could do was hope to be sitting outside at the right time and see something fly over or catch a glimpse of something different.

This is what it would look like to be an astronomer in the early 19th century

Astronomy has come a very far way in the past 100 years. With the help of new technology astronomers have found out a lot about space and what is out there in the darkness. In the past, astronomers didn't have to have any education involving space to become an astronomer. To become an astronomer today you have to have a Ph.D is chemistry or astronomy. Since there are many calculations that are involved with astronomy, you have to be good in math and science and if you really want to be good take classes involving computers/technology. Getting good grades is a very good thing to keep in mind also. In the early 1900's astronomers didn't need to have any education in the field of astronomy. Instead, They just had to have a telescope and a "good pair of eyes" to spot planets and comets.

Space isn't like what you see in Star Wars

Space is nothing like what you see in Star Trek Or Star Wars. Space is filled with deserted planets and dangers around every corner. Outer Space is something that we may never get all the answers too. It has always been around and it has been said that us humans may be made out of star dust. Space is just filled with a whole bunch of nothing. Astronomers have known this information for centuries. Without all the advanced technology we have today, Astronomers wouldn't have any way of knowing whats in Outer Space. Astronomers in the future will have the benefit of the doubt because they will have past astronomers research. They might be able to figure out what is really out there.


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