Cam Newton In Tragic Car Accident!

Tuesday afternoon, Carolina Panthers Quarterback got in a horrible car accident. This had happened right above I 277. His car had turned over right across the street from Bank of America Stadium. This has affected many Panther fans, along with the hearts of many others. No one really knows the main extent of his injuries. All we do know is that it is said that he has a lower back injury. Carolina Panthers owner told news observers that "He is in good shape."(Si Wire, Coaches/doctors are not really sure when he will be going back to practice. Cam Newton has been playing with the Panthers for three years, and he is now very well known and in the lives and hearts of many. It is said that he was not the only car affected by this accident. There where two other cars involved, but there are not any reports on the injuries of these people. Newton was loaded onto a stretcher and put into an ambulance. Newton was in his truck when this happened, and the top of the truck had caved in/flattened. At this time, we pray for the Panthers Quarterback and keep him in our minds and our hearts.

"Panthers' Cam Newton suffered two lower back fractures in car crash."Sports Illustrated. Tue December 9, 2014.

When they were putting him on the stretcher.
When his car had fliiped over.
One of the other cars affected.
When the ambulence men, and officers were taking care of him.
When his car flipped over.
Cam Newton


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