Henrico County

By Marina Majdandzic


Henrico's official seal. Isn't she pretty?

Size in square miles: 244.12 sq/mi
Population: 306,935 (since 2010)

Henrico's Education:

Henrico's Credit course classes have quite the amount of people: about 11,389 students enrolled in the classes

Henrico's Lifestyle:

Henrico county is a more urban county due to it's close neighborhoods and lack of any farm animals.

I also is much like other urban areas; however the lifestyle is much less to look at, but much less crowded.


Henrico has a three-branch government; a legislative branch for ordiances; an execuutive branch; and the judicial branch has the same type of government as the national government.

County Departments



-Glen Allen

- Henrico

- Richmond area

County Services

Henrico county offers quite the amount of services;

-Public Transportation - For those who do not own a car and have to go somewhere, most buses will take you where you want to go.

-Sewage clean-up - If the sewage pipes near your home get clogged, you can call up one of the servers and have it cleared up.

-Community Service - Since there's so many careless people out in the world littering, you have the opportunity to see a service person cleaning up the streets for a worthy cause.

Fun Facts

- Henrico is over 400 years old

- The name "Henrico" Comes from the "Henricus" Community

- Henrico's "Children's Museum" Is a good place for chilren to learn about cool facts and hands on activities.


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