#f5f #clmooc Week 4

Week 4 Hack Your Writing

My favorite Hack is from Larry Hewett, an About Me project to begin the year. I've done something similar, but I love this. Here's what he did, hacked by me:

1. Choose three words that describe yourself.

2. Pick one song for each of your three words that represents that word.

3. Find the lyrics of the songs.

4. Lift words, phrases and entire lines from the three lyrics in order to create an original song about yourself.

5. Find an image to represent both the word and the lyrics you choose.

6. Decide how you will present "Your Song" (lyrics / images / words).

Love what Amy Cody Clancy did with HyperText and more. Check out all her posts.

Not only could you create a "choose your own adventure", but I think this is a great way to start or end a collaborative research project. Students find links / resources to add to the document. Then students take their focus of their first search to create what +Charlene Doland mentioned -- their part of the conversation. They could create something that explains the research but adding their insights. Below the initial text then could be placed a thinglink or list of the collaborative research -- with a final collaborative paragraph as the team syntheses a summary.

The above "visual poetry" was inspired by Amy's suggestion of the tool and the words of Kim Douillard about the complexities of teaching and learning.  

Thanks to Charlene Doland for another idea to hack poetry. I see this as way for students to again express who they are through words and images, to see the play the mind makes with both, and to make choices that fit. We can share and discuss this meaning making, and take it to another level when working with literature, nonfiction, and persuasive/argumentative media.

I followed her lead and started with http://www.runokone.com/makeapoem/index.php which hacks your words into a poem. I then followed her example and created a Haiku Deck from a hack of that poem, and shared the Haiku Deck with SlideShare, which I could embed above!

My original poem created at runokine:
12.07.2014 00:55,

grammasheri: A Wondering Day

hesitantly step by step, around each pine
feel sandy beach to share sunny afternoon
only sky flows
a memory is flowing slowly

Breathe if the world turns grey

somebody a friend

beside you.

That I hacked into the Haiku Deck above.  

I wonder if you get my message?

Next, Kathleen Galarza gave a great idea for inspiring kids to write in their homework journals.  

While listening to one of her favorite TV shows, she jotted down lines she linked. She used those to write a "one-sided phone conversation" which looks like a poem, and we infer the message from those lines.

Kids could do the same -- maybe at school, they could make a poem for two voices by combining with a friend.  Could prove interesting.

She also tweeted the great quote below by TS Elliot

And thank you to Michelle Lynn for sharing how possible it is to show appreciation to the people we care about. In our schools, we build relationships and help students learn to be compassionate. This is a project that could do that: create an appreciation for some one who has helped you in your life.

And, thanks Michelle for modeling what it means to be a learner: if at first you don't succeed, ask questions! We can't get answers if we don't ask!