Whats on your credit report?

60% of the population is at risk due to errors, inaccuracies and or outdated data in their credit profile!

The working poor and middle class are looking for solutions, not more politics. First start here; Corporate Overview: http://protectionthatpays.com/ second; get your Annual Credit Report: www.annualcreditreport.com third; because you will have a lot of questions about your credit report.

Welcome to The FEEL Center Project LLC

What is The FEEL Center Project LLC?

The FEEL Center Project LLC is a combination of four elements I found to be essential to creating, maintaining, protecting and securing ones financial well-being.

1) Finances; you must have great relationship with your money!

2) Education; information is power!

3) Employment; should be an opportunity, not be a chore!

4) Legal; proper representation should you need it!