Hope's all about me

favorite stuff

  first of all my favorite thing to do is PAINT mostly because it's so fun.my favorite thing to do after school is see if i can play with sydney because she's nice and fun to play with. my favorite thing to play with is my stuffed animal dog:)my favorite animal isa dog i love dogs.


I like my brother coda he is really fun to play with, he is really fun to hang out with. kyle is a really fun big brother i like when he picks me up. my mom is really cool she cooks a lot and i LOVE her food she is the best mom ever. alec lives in texas my favorite memory of him is when he picked me up. adam is codas friend he is really nice to me. i liked to hug my grandpa he was really nice to me. i LOVE my grandma a lot and she is never mean to me.

                        trips ive taken

  my favorite trip we took was going to chicago it was really fun. on my trip to disney world my favorite part was all the rides. i loved when i go to my grandmas house its so fun.im so exited to go to my grandmas tonight i think it is going to be really really fun.

                     looking forward too

im looking forward too see rains performance i think it will be really fun. im also looking forward too going to my grandmas tonight. im looking forward to summer vacation because i want tro ride my bike and go to the pool.im really looking forward to my b-day it sounds really fun.


i hope you liked my tackk and i am looking forward to talk about it with you. And also i liked working on this with my buddy. i am really reall really exited about the performance tonight and cant wait to see rain perform i think she will do really good.

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