Materials Assignment

All the materials were found in the shop. The fifth material was supposed to be a piece of sheet

I'm not sure the YM value for this specific wood but a general value is between 8 and 11 with a density of about 336 Kg/M cubed. Wood is used for a multitude of things, tables, chairs etc.

Th young's modulus for polystyrene is between 3 and 5 GPa

Polystyrene has a density of about 1,050 Kg/M cubed. this is typically used as flotation underneath docks.

Corrugated cardboard has a YM of approximately 0.64. The density should be about 30-90 Kg/M cubed. Cardboard is most commonly used for packaging tons of stuff.

Plexiglass, polymethyl methacrylate, has a YM anywhere to between 1.8 and 3.1.

The density should be around 1,180 Kg/M cubed. Plexiglas is used as a replacement for glass windows and containers as they are more durable and less prone to smashing.

Front view of the dumb M

The side view of the M to show the difference in layers, the five layers were supposed to be wood, plexi, cardboard, foam and steel.