The Trojan War

By: Krishna M.

The Trojan War was a mythical event that "took place" between 1194 and 1184 BC. It was a war where Troy and Achaean(Greek) fought because a prince named Paris had an affair with Helen, who was married to Menelaus. During this time, Achilles was born and predicted to be the fall of Troy if he was in the war, but was also predicted to die young on the battlefield if he went. His mother, Thesis, bathed him in the river Styx, but had covered his ankle while holding him, leaving a single weak spot.

Soon, Odysseus, Homer, and Menelaus went to Troy to get Helen back diplomatically but failed. Upholding an oath, they sent emissaries to all of the Achaean kingdoms to help. The war starts, in which Achilles kills Hector, and is killed by Paris who is assisted by the gods for killing so many demigods. After Achilles' death, Odysseus and Ajax fought over the armor, resulting in Ajax's suicide. Finally, Odysseus devised a plan where they would leave a hollow wooden horse containing soldiers, while having the rest of the army leave.  At midnight, the soldiers killed the guards and sacked the city.

Kingdoms in the conflict: Sparta, Mycenae, and Troy.

Characters: Helen, Paris, Achilles, Ajax, Hector, Thetis, Peleus, Odysseus

Goddesses involved: Hera (goddess of woman and marriage), Aphrodite (goddess of love and beauty), Athena (goddess of Wisdom, and Eris (goddess of chaos, strife, and discord)

Kings: Menelaus( King of Sparta), Agamemnon ( King of Mycenae)


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