Brianna Barnes, Mrs. Jenkins, December 19th 2013

I surveyed several students on what was their favorite season. This was a Quantitative data survey. I first did a frequency chart (Picture 1) on how often a person chose a particular season as their favorite. Afterwards, I created a bar graph (Picture 2) to show the difference in the favorite seasons among the students. It is visible that summer was the mode of the data because it had the majority of the votes. I chose this question because I was curious to know which season my peers enjoyed more than the other 3 seasons. Personally, I love spring because its the time of year when its not too hot but also not too cold, its just right. Its not what I expected though, I thought people would enjoy Fall and Spring more, for the same reasons that I do. The data I collected happened to actually be interesting. For this question, I interviewed Coach Cash's class, and eventually combined my data with the data of the students classes that my classmates surveyed.

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