Adidas, Apple,Facebook, Snapchat, Nike

Adidas first had my loyalty and trust when they started sponsoring athletes. To lose me as a fan they'd have to change the logo because in my opinion I feel like the logo is what makes it unique.

Apple devices first earned my trust by making new iPhones that are always better then the one before. To lose my trust they'd have to stop making a new type of iPhone for a long time. Keep finding ways to impress me.

Facebook earned my trust when I found out that you can make calls on it as long as you have internet access so that way you can get in touch with friends and family anytime you need to. To lose my trust they'd have to make you pay for using Facebook.

Snapchat first earned my trust as soon as I realized that as soon as you send a picture to someone and they open it it disappears forever. To lose my trust they'd have to start charging you to use it and to send pictures and post stories.

Nike has always had my loyalty because they've always been this amazing type of brand since they came out. There is nothing Nike can do to lose my trust and loyalty other than make the cost of a pair of shoes unreadably high.

Brands are similar by the color and the boldness in them. Some brands might use a different technique depending on the level of popularity of the brand. They can be similar by the level of popularity as in Jordan and Nike are similar is favorites.

If I could make a logo it would have something to do with girls and them having the same right as boys when it comes to sports. Most people think that girls can't do what guys do. We have girls in the army and girls as fire fighters and girls police officers. My logo would be about girls having the right to play football for a boys team as long as they know they won't get treated differently and that they know the consequences of the game.