Space Travel Interrupted

Should civilians be able to go into space?

NASA is thinking about sending civilians to space now that it is owned by private companies. In this essay I will explain why civilians should not go up into space. I will talk about it being too dangerous, too expensive, and no research will be done.

Space travel is too dangerous for civilians with little training. If something goes wrong in the space craft they won't know how to fix it, and may just get in the way. Also, they may create some kind of danger for others on board. Even before they lift off the ground, they may injure themselves in the tough training.

Space travel is very expensive, only a few people in the world can afford it. Many people think if they have the money they should spend it as they please. However, I disagree because if they are unhappy with their trip they may bring the case to court. Also, if they are injured or die the families may charge NASA for it. This could not only put NASA in debt, but make it look bad to others.

If civilians go to space they will learn a lot. Yes, they will learn a lot about the vast unknown, but how does that benefit the rest of us? We need the most gifted astronauts and scientists to go into space to conduct research about Earth, other planets, and everything else in space. Imagine this, a meteor is heading toward Earth, and only civilians know about it. They aren't going to stop it, but professionals may be able to. That is why we need professionals in space, not civilians.

I do understand your point, but you need to think about safety, money, and research. I hope you learned enough on this topic to join my side, or change your mind. Space really is too important to our environment, so we only need the best researching it. Plus it is too dangerous and expensive. Civilians should not go into space.

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