Follow Or Don't Follow

Jonas world

The Giver Rules

In the giver book all rules and laws are not really  necessary , because there's some stupid rules and law that they don't really need. For example ,  don't draw attention to differences on people.

Are all rules and laws fair to people ? No, because there's some family that would want more then two children or would like to have two boy or girls. There laws ain't fair to there people. there is a lot of thing family could do ,but they can because they'll get released for the community .

what happens to people who don't follow the rules, Well the community would released them after three mistakes. Theirs only allowed to have two children . No more then that cause that's one of the rules the not allowed to break.

All consequences are not  fair because when someone get released, like the babies that cant row fast enough . It would be fair to released them cause of that.

Rules and law can be changed, because Jonas family reserved one more baby and that one rule . their Only allowed to have Two children, one male and one female .

The Utopia Society

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