Similarities and Translations


  Translation- an operation in which a preimage is moved on a scale to form and image

Preimage- a image before it has been moved

There are 4 different transformations; rotation, dilatation, reflection, and translation 

  Rotations- the movement of a figure around the axis or a specific angle

  Dilation- an enlargement of shrinkage of a preimage

  Reflection- a mirror image

  Translation- when a preimage is slid into another position

  Similarities- figures that are the same shape but differ in size

Scale factor- the ratio of the lengths of two corresponding sides of two similar polygons

Identifying Similarities

When you look for similarities between figures, look for dilation and other transformations. To make an image similar to another you can enlarge it or shrink it using scale factor. In the example above, you would dilate the image by 6m. After you are done dilating the preimage, you can translate the preimage until the two figures match. If the measures of any sides or angles do not match  on the two given figures ,according to scale factor they are not similar.






Watch this video if you need help understanding!

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