Preschool Years- A Critical Period For Foundational Development

Preschools are primarily bliss for working parents. Preschool education has been recognized as a foundation to successful education and even success in adult life. You may be surprised to know that a child who attends preschool is not necessarily better prepared for kindergarten than a child who does not.

1. Instill Good Social Values & Morals

According to many experts, children who attend preschool in Lexington, KY are at an advantage as compared to those who stay at home. Preschools do not only give your child a platform to get familiar with learning tools and programs such as alphabets, numbers, and problem solving, but they also instill in a child, good social values and morals. These schools enable children to move in a social setting where they intermingle with children from various backgrounds and interests that help them develop a sense of individuality and essentially encourage them to explore their areas of interest.

2. Endure Long Lasting Positive Effects

Number of studies conducted in past have found preschools to be extremely beneficial for children. Preschools endure a long-lasting positive effect on the lives of children; those who attend preschool become more skilled, talented and strong as adults. In addition, these children are also found to be far from activities such as crime, adultery and drugs.

3. Encourage Child To Develop Different Skills

Preschools introduce children to programs, including language, arts, math, and problem solving. They learn alphabets and numbers in a fun learning and engaging environment, but that's not all. Preschools give children a healthy nurturing environment where they develop skills like sharing, caring, taking initiatives, self-esteem, confidence, and a sense of responsibility. They also understand how to take instructions and voice their opinions in a classroom setting. Children also essentially learn to differentiate between the good and bad. Group activities with other children instigate a sense of team spirit in them, helping others and recognizing their individual talents. Moreover, children who attend a preschool that provides a nurturing and positive environment do better academically and are emotionally stable.

Good Christian schools also instill good behavioral and moral skills into children from the beginning. Good behavior is encouraged and reinforced while bad behavior is dealt with counseling the activities of the child towards a more productive activity to alter behavior. The latter requires persistence and dedication by Christian school teachers, which is why these teachers undergo a rigorous course before they become eligible to become instructors or tutors.

Preschools basically improve children's social and behavioral skills. They encourage children to be creative and be imaginative to polish and enhance their thought process.

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