My time in the 1800'sCheyenne Massenburg

By: Cheyenne Massenburg

I was sent back in time. Back into the the 1800's. I was trying to figure out where I was, I was in Jamestown Virginia. I was getting a bunch of unusual stares coming my way. The people in the 1800's were not dressed in a tee-shirt and jeans like me. The ladies were dressed modern and sweet and elegant. They all had a long beautiful dress, and there hair done up neat in a bun.The men were dressed in a nice button up shirt of solid colors and jeans.

While I was still trying to come to my senses and try to blend in with other people.It was very obvious I couldn't. Meanwhile I was was looking at all the amazing stuff around me back in the 1800's because I was only taught about the history in school but it was amazing that I was truly seeing the site of the first colony of people in Jamestown. Surprisingly I saw a bunch of ladies huddled up in a circle whispering about a dance that is gonna happen in the riches man in the colony of Jamestown was hosting at his house. Everyone was welcomed to this dance.

So as the ladies were talking, I went over and spoke to them. As I was talking each of the ladies were staring me up and down observing me. I asked the ladies about the dance and one of the girls name she said was Sadie and she said " The dance is at Peach tree Hall boulevard road, about a quarter mile from the town hall." I was wanting to go to this dance, But I looked straight down at what I was wearing and I said to myself I know I cant go to a dance looking like this, Sadie and I said 1 minute after my thought " If you want to go to the dance you may come with me, But you do have to change out of that hideous clothing, I will give you something to borrow for the night" I was stunned that since she only knew me for less than 30 minutes that she wanted to help me out so I could go to the dance.

Minutes later me and Sadie went back to her house. She lives on a ranch, she had many horses and cows. I could tell that her family was big on farming. She quickly introduced me to her family. She has two brothers, One is older and the other is younger. Sadie and I went straight up to her room. She showed me all of her dresses and told me to choose one that I think I will like for the dance. Also while I was searching, Sadie was telling me about how this dance will determined her future. She is going to find her future husband her. I was thinking to myself that back in the early colony is not the same as life in 2015. We don't get married at the age of 16. But girls then they are trying to find there husband.

So we Head down Peach tree Hall boulevard road and we are all dressed up in our dresses and we enter the dance. As we enter I see hundreds of people from the town that i saw earlier. Hundreds of girls in dresses and men In suits. Said told me to stay by her so she can keep an eye on me. As I was going through the pathway I saw a handsome young man who made eye contact with me. We start staring at each other like we just saw a celebrity go by. Next thing I know He asked me what my name was and I told him I was Cheyenne and then he told me his name was Rome. He asked me to danced with him. As we are dancing slowly but kinda awkward cause I don't really know him that well. He whispered in my ear " Cheyenne, I know this is very sudden because we don't know each other, but you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I want you to marry me." I was very shocked cause were I came from We don't marry someone we meet a hour ago. He got on one knee and asked me to be his wife. i was stunned and speechless. I couldn't say no to the offer because he was rich and he had lots of money But hey, I was up to try something new. I said yes and he got off his knees and hugged me very tight and sweep me off my feet and carried me away. We road off into the sunset and were happily married even thought we didn't know each other. After that we were married we stayed together the whole time. and lived happily, ever after.

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