Kate's Winter Adventure

Kate had an exciting winter vacation where she traveled across the globe to visit her long lost sister in China. She found out about Kah-Ching, her long lost sister, on Christmas morning when she received a mysterious package with a plane ticket, an address, and a letter giving specific details that allowed Kate to realize that this was not a trap. Kate jumped, or flew, at the opportunity and ended up in Wuhan. She then traveled to the mysterious address where she encountered a 4'2" replica of herself. Kah-Ching and Kate were basically twins, except the obvious fact that Kah-Ching is oriental. They spent the whole day catching up and talking about their predicament. Kate then were to Kah-Ching's family Chinese New Year celebration. There Kate met Ling-Chao, Kah-Ching's aunt, and they put on their dragon costume and marched through the parade. This was the most fun Kate has ever had. Later in the day, Ling-Chao got a phone call from her cousin, Ling-Hao, who was celebrating the Chinese New Year back in the states. Ling-Chao soon realized that her cousin lived in the same town that Kate did. Kate was surprised and disgusted when she realized she could be related to Nick Wiemers. She had to discover the truth. She, alongside Kah-Ching and Ling-Chao, traveled across the Chinese countryside to the depths of Chinese folklore. In order to discover this family secret, she had to take on a dragon barehanded. She used her sarcasm and bad jokes to defeat the dragon because it had to escape from her horrible sense of humor. When she entered the cavern, she found a message from the Chinese family gods that read "Kate, I am sad to announce that you and Nicholas of Pocahontas are half-siblings." It was at that moment that Kate realized there was a reason she and Nick fought like brother and sister.


(The End)