Unalienable rights& the consent of the governed!

The consent of the governed means that the governments legitimacy and moral use of state power  is only justified and derived from the people or society in which a political power is used. The unalienable rights are rights that cant be taken away by the government which is basically saying that they are the rights you have as a human being.  A just government needs a consent of the government because it gets it power from the people and the people set up the government. The government is who we depend on to protect our rights but even then we still ourselves need to stand up for our rights. The unalienable rights and the consent of the governed are still going good because they cover the basic human needs and that hasn't really changed so i think that it is still in date and s not outdated for any reason. These principles matter to me because now i know what and how i can use my rights for any reason and now i have a way better understanding of what the government is made up of and how the work with the consent of the governed.

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