The state or quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face danger or fear.


Martin Luther King Jr. was an African American who spoke out to end racism and move towards equality.  He had to face many people who wanted to kill him and threatened him.  He showed courage by preaching of equality every day.

Malcolm X again another activist who not only had to be courageous against whites but also many African Americans as well who felt what he was preaching was wrong.  Regardless Malcolm still spoke even though there were many death threats.

Jacki Robinson Another African American who wanted to play baseball.  However again the Whites were against him however he showed Courage by continuing to play and eventually be the first African American to be in the major leagues.

Winston Churchill In 1940 Britain was all alone against Nazi Germany, unsecured of the strength of the army rather than seeking a deal with Hitler he sparked a fight in Britain and helped them through a rough time.

9/11 responders During one of the Hardest times and one of the scariest moments in Americas recent history hundreds of men and women without fear without nerves charged into the danger gloomy buildings with nothing but courage in their hearts.

All of these people through these examples were not afraid of death but rather charged on to what they felt was right and that is what courage means to me.  Courage is not, not being afraid or not being scared.  It is the ability to overcome that fear.

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