Tizie I 5th 3-25-15

Apollo 11

Main goal:to complete a national goal set by President John F.  Kennedy.

Important people associated with mission: Neil Armstrong & Edwin E. Aldrin

Technology and equipment: Television camera & laser ranging reflector

It was a manned mission.

Date mission occurred between: July 16,1969 to July 24,1969

The Apollo 11 space mission was a very important mission in world history. Neil Armstrong & Edwin E. Aldrin were the first American men to walk on the moon.The mission took time on July 16-24, 1969. The mission was token place outer space of course. Some facts about Apollo 11 was that, that was the first anyone has walked on the moon. To make the lander as light as possible, it contained no seats. The astronauts stood while descending to the lunar surface and returning to the orbiting command modulate. The Apollo 11 space mission was a manned mission.

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