Paper Towns by John Green

Book Report by Sadie Carr


         A boy named Quinton grows up living next to a girl named Margo. Margo loves mysteries but Q is scared of them so they grow up not really hanging out with each other and soon they just have nothing in common with each other. Until one night Margo comes to Q's house and asks him if he wants to go exploring the paper town of Orlando together. So he agrees and they end up doing some illegal things and Q has fun. Margo said she had fun too but then she tells Q goodbye. Q thinks he might never see Margo again because for some reason she doesn't come back to school for the next two weeks. It is up to Q to go find her.

What Was enjoyable about the book?

This is a mystery so it is always pulling you in and you have to pay attention to the clues

Why was the book written so well?

It draws you in and you always want to read more

Recurring symbols?

The thought was a "Paper town" which is a town described as fake or superficial.

Why I recommend this book.

If you don't like reading this will make you feel like you are living the story and not just reading it. Sometimes you will try to figure out the clues that are given your self so that makes you want to come back to reading this book.

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