The Summoner

The Summoner has a" fire-red Cherubinnish face" but it is because of his "carbuncles" (lines 642-643). His eyes are described in line 643 and 645 as narrow with "black, scabby brows." All of his features attributed to his "hot and lecherous" appearance. Children would cringe at the sight him and run. This alcoholic was supposed to be a man of the church that would summon people who did wrong. However, his life was nothing but a scam and his known quote was "The question is, What is the point of law?" (line 664). The Summoner went around summoning money from the sinners he was supposed to call out. He would "allow...any [man] to keep a concubine" for nothing more than a quart of wine (lines 667-668). The Summoner would bribe the people ant blackmail them for money and riches because he was the one who knew the truth.

The Summoner and the Pardoner carried out the scam together.

Emily Savage and Nathan Norris

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