Alex in Candyland

It was a simple morning run for Alex Everdeen, a 22 year old brunette. Everything was going according to her daily routine. She had woken up at 5:15 a.m., brushed her hair and pulled it back into a slick ponytail. Alex started at her normal six minute a mile pace, passing the Taffy River to her right for the first mile. Coming upon the cupcake bridge, 2.1 miles into her jog, Alex started to think about her ex-boyfriend, Cody, bringing up bad memories.

Cody was a fella who knew his ways around. The womanizer loved to make girls believe that he wanted a serious relationship, when in reality he was just using them for the girlfriend title. Once Alex realized Cody’s true tactics of a relationship, she broke the relationship off, leaving both lovebirds heartbroken. Five and a half months later, Alex has not yet moved on from Cody. Cody had recently broken up with his most recent significant other leaving Alex wondering.

Alex was so distracted by her thoughts; she tripped over a Nerds rope causing her to face plant into a frosting puddle. While Alex was struggling to get back onto her feet her dear friend, Buddy the elf, came to the rescue. Buddy heard Alex’s cry for help and rushed out of the Candy Cane Forrest to come and find her. Buddy came and helped Alex back onto level ground while trying to figure out what was going on to cause Alex to be so clumsy.

“No. We will be doing it this way.” Alex replied

Without question Buddy followed Alex’s lead.

Alex stepped out onto the first orange gumdrop and was frightened when the gumdrop soon turned red. Alex’s fear from earlier that day came about when she stepped onto the next orange gumdrop and the red gumdrop turned into Cody’s face. Alex was distraught, calling for help from Buddy.

“Buddy what do I do?” Alex cried

“Just hang on tight, I’ll climb onto this ferry and come get you.”

Alex didn’t listen and started onto the next orange gumdrop. She became more and more frightened as the gumdrops kept becoming Cody’s face.

“It’s alright, at least they’re not talking” Alex thought to herself.

Right then and there she heard the lyrics of “Baby Come Back” being sung by Cody’s floating faces in the Sea of Gumdrops.

“Baby come back, any kind of fool could see. There was something in everything about you. Baby come back, you can blame it all on me. I was wrong, and I just can't live without you.” Cody sang.

Just when she thought it couldn’t get any worse as Alex kept trotting along the gumdrops with Cody’s faces multiplying, different songs and phrases kept multiplying out of Cody’s mouths. There Alex was, stranded in the middle of the Sea of Gumdrops, Buddy’s ferry was just taking off and wasn’t anywhere near Alex. Alex just decided to sit down on a floating gumdrop and wait for Buddy’s hopefully soon arrival to her location. All she wanted was to get away from Cody. All Alex was hearing was lyrics to various songs about love and her favorite phrases that Cody knew about.

“I , I just want to be your everything. Open up the heaven in your heart and let me be. The things you are to me and not some puppet on a string. Oh , if I stay here without you, darling, I will die. I want you laying in the love I have to bring. I'd do anything to be your everything” Cody continued to sing, “Maybe I’m wrong. Won’t you tell me if I’m coming on too strong? This heart of mine had been hurt before. This time I wanna be sure. I’ve been waiting for a girl like you. A love that will survive. I’ve been waiting for someone new to make me feel alive. Yeah, waiting for a girl like you to come into my life.” Cody continued, (You're still the one) You're still the one I run to. The one that I belong to. You're still the one I want for life (You're still the one) You're still the one that I love. The only one I dream of.”

Alex was in misery. It took Buddy’s ferry about a half hour to arrive to Alex. She climbed aboard and Buddy comforted her on their way to the Watermelon Bowl. She thought that she was done with the Cody taunting’s when he suddenly appeared in the bench right beside them. Alex was mortified.

“Alex I just want to let you know that I love you more than gumdrops.” Cody said.

Alex had had enough, she went onto the upper deck of the ferry and sat there until it arrived to the Watermelon Bowl. Alex was all alone on the upper deck when she heard a voice. It wasn’t Cody’s nor Buddy’s, Alex was nothing but confused. She looked around and heard an “up here sweetheart.”

Alex looked up to see ferry dust falling right next to her. It was the Plum Fairy, Alex asked what she was doing here and the Plum Ferry replied, “oh dear, I am your fairy godmother. I’m here to take you home.” Alex was confused.

Once the ferry docked, with the Plum Fairy hovering over her shoulder, Alex met up with Buddy the Elf and together they found Mr. Narwhal. Mr. Narwhal offered to take Buddy home. Buddy asked if Alex needed to be brought home and the Plum Fairy replied “oh no, I have got her under control.” Once the Plum Fairy saw how confused Alex was she grabbed her magic wand and went to work. She made a royal carriage appear out of thin air, along with a meticulous ball gown that fit Alex like a glove all with the twirl of a wand. The Plum Fairy said to Alex, “now just get into the carriage and your true Prince Charming will appear in time”

Blushing, Alex got into the carriage and in the snap of fingers she was home with her true prince charming, the Prince of Candyland. Together, they ruled the land without the torture of Cody ever again.

“Was it another Cody thought, Alex?” Buddy said.

“Yes it was, and this was one caused me to daydream, making me have this weird thought that he was going to come back for me today.” Alex replied.

“That’s strange.” Buddy continued “Alex, I think you need a break from reality. I have to go find Mr. Narwhal in the Sea of Gumdrops; he came in from the North Pole to visit me today. Do you want to come with me?”

“Yes, that would be lovely. Thank you! I have to go home to change out of these frosting coated clothes really quick first.” Alex replied.

“That wouldn’t be a problem.” Buddy said.

It took Alex about an hour to get the entire frosting residue off of her. Soon after, her and Buddy were off to find Mr. Narwhal in the Sea of Gumdrops. The walk down Rainbow Road took the duo about 45 minutes to approach their destination. Buddy recalled that Mr. Narwhal would meet them at the Watermelon Bowl. Across the Sea of Gumdrops there was a line of orange gumdrops leading to the Watermelon Bowl.

“Here’s what we’re going to do.” Alex said. “We’re going to make this quick and easy, we’re going to walk across these orange gumdrops and arrive at the Watermelon Bowl in no time.”

“But there’s a ferry that goes straight to the Watermelon Bowl right here.” Buddy said pointing to the ferry dock.

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