Joseph Whitworth

English engineer, entrepreneur,inventor and philanthropist.

He is a manufacturing satellite of Manchester, he born at 21-12-1803 and dead at 22-1-1887, his life span is about 84 years. He had invented the system of screw threads and for the screw threads(thread system). 1803 a skilled worker could be worked accuracy of only one sixteenth by one inch, because of joseph whitworth, an accuracy of one inch became ten-thousandth. He also devised a instrument (a bench micrometer) that could measure to one million in one inch,and he did also introduces a standard for a flatness of a plane that a good engineering, this helps them to work for the manufacture of surface plates used for marking out purposes. Joseph Whitworth only received an elementary education and during this period of his life, he became a indentured apprentice of his uncle that is an cotton spinner.

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