Volume of a Cylinder

Step 1:

Today I am going to be showing you how to use volume of a cylinder.

Step 2:

Make your formula. It always helps to do that first.

Lets try some problems

Your radius is 4in and your height is 5in. Lets make pi=3.14. So take 3.14 and multiply it by the radius. You need to set it up like

V= πr2h



V=251.2in2 (The 2, is an exponent)

Make sure you always set up your problem this way. Use these four steps, the formula first, fill in the formula, solve, and put the answer in the final line.

Now You Try!

Solve these:

5.5 in radius, and 8 in height

12 in diameter and 17 in height

Once finished, we will work them out on the board.

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