Ancient Japan
By Tristan (Dragon Slayer)

Fashion-Japanese people had great wardrobes full of silk robes and jewelry. Japanese people were very fashionable at that time. Women wore 12 layer silk robes and the nobles loved beauty and elegance. Many of their fans were decorated with flowers, trees, and birds.

Literature-Noble women wrote in diaries and journals. Most Japanese literature was written by women. The most memorable piece of Japanese work is the Tale of Gengi. Most memorable type of poems are haikus.

Visual Arts-Japanese people loved visual arts. The made paintings with bright bold colors. They made statues of Buddha. Calligraphy was most popular at that time.

Architecture-They copied Chinese style. Most buildings were made of wood and had curvature to them. The nobles loved the curved design. To add to the beauty the placed ponds and gardens.

Performing Arts-People gathered to watch musicians, jugglers, and acrobats. The performers were loud exiting and happy. They created a drama called Noh. Non plays had music, speaking, and dancing .

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