My Holiday

Places I Went To

  • Austin Park, Lara
  • Atara Asha's Baptism and Birthday
  • Wyndham Event and Leisure Centre
  • Waurn Ponds Pool
  • Portarlington Beach
  • Friend's House

On the holidays I went to a lot of places. I went to the pool, the beach, the park and my friend's house. On Christmas I got lots of presents, I got perfume, clothes and chocolate. We also went to Austin Park in Lara for a picnic with family friends and gave presents to each other. It was New Year's Eve so my cousins came over and we had dinners. We played lots of games and so much fun.

The next day it was New Year, my friend's dad had his birthday so my family and I went to their house to celebrate his birthday. On January 6 it was my friend Meera's sister's(Atara Asha's) baptism and birthday, my dad was one of the Godfathers. Atara Asha had her birthday at Fresh Chilli restaurant, the food there was very yummy. The cake was pink, big and very pretty. It tasted nice.

We decided to go to the pool in Wyndham Event and Leisure Centre so we went there and had fun swimming with my family. On another day we went to Waurn Ponds pool and went swimming again. There was slides and there was bucket that tips water when its full and splashes everywhere. My friend Susitina invited me and friend Alysson for lunch. We made dumplings and baked carrot cake.

Then, we went to Portarlington Beach with family friends for a picnic. We swam in the beach and had lots of fun. The weather was nice and sunny. We made a sand castle. I had a magnificent and wonderful holiday with my family friends.

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