blizzards are a big strong snow stormes that can injer people kill people and destroy there homes.

this is a blizzard in aktion

How Do Blizzards Form?

the air needs to be cold at the surface and the atmosphere(serfis of the earth) has to have a lot of moisture and it need a good amount of wind to raise the warm air.

Historical Examples of  Blizzards

In the Blizzard of 1899 there was 0 deaths and 400 injured and to clean up the damig coustid 5,000,000

In the Blizzard of 1999 the  clean up for how much damig happend custid 37.3 million there was 73 or more deaths and more than 133 people were injured.

Impact on Human Life

We have prepared for Blizzards by making warmer clothing so people dont die from hipothermeya. And we have bilt more stronger housis and billdings.


devastations the worlds worst natural disasters

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