Hello, my name is Praise!

•I don't chase after anyone anymore. Wanna walk out of my life, there's the door. Heck, I'll even hold it open for you•

  I am a student at Boles Jr. High. I'm in most pre-ap classes and I am also in choir!

Them💘 >you✋

In my free time i love hanging out with my friends! I love going places with them and sometimes just talking with them.

I absolutely love the beach! If i could live there i probably would. I'd prefer the sun rather than the cold any day. Beach+Cousin=Best Time!

Volleyball and Basketball are my passions. They are my favorite sports that I play right now. They help me stay fit, work with a team, and gets me out of the house!

In my down time I also like watching good movies on Netflix and having some popcorn with my family!