Confederates Vs. Union

The Northern states during the Civil War were the Union, and the Southern states were the Confederates.

The Union

  • The Union was really big about pacifism.
  • Pacifism is the belief that any violence is unjustifiable under any circumstance, and that all arguments should be settled in peace.
  • Jews and Catholics were the exception to this, they were in full support of the war.
  • The Union was the biggest of the two sides, and they had a lot more people, which meant they were expected to win.
  • Their leader was Ulysses S. Grant


  • The Confederates fired the first shots of the Civil War at Fort Sumter, on April 12, 1861.
  • The Confederates believed that slavery was convenient and ordained by God, while the Union believed just the opposite.
  • Their leader was Robert E. Lee.
  • Both the Confederates and the Union looked to God for answers, and believed they each had God on their side.
  • Many ministers, generals, leaders, and editors went so far as to proclaim that God had ordained the war and would determine its length, its damages, and its outcome. The winner would show, in other words, whose side God really supported.

The blue states represent the United States of America, and the red states represent the Confederate States of America.

In Conclusion...

The Civil War helps me to understand how America came together. Without the Civil War, the two “groups” of people might still have been this way today. Although it’s unfortunate that it took a lot of fighting to get the point across, if it had not, the way people are living would be different today. This makes me appreciative of what happened in the past.

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