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Campus History and origin

Harvard is the oldest institution of higher education in the United States, established in 1636 by vote . It was named after the young minister John Harvard of Charles town, who upon his death in 1638 left his library and half his estate to the institution. A statue of John Harvard stands today in front of University Hall in Harvard Yard, and its the University’s best known landmark.

The University has grown from nine students with a single master to an enrollment of more than 20,000 degree candidates.

Harvard’s eclectic architectural mix helps to explain its values, its academic priorities, its responses to new teaching methods, its desire for stronger collaboration, its embrace of the urban environment, and its ongoing flexibility.

Letter of recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:

It is without any reservation that I write this letter of recommendation for Alejandro Mendoza to be accepted into Harvard University. Mr. Mendoza is an exquisite student who is intrigued by studies and has the passion to be successful in the field of Medicine. He sets the bar for all of the students surrounding him and it is a delight to have him in my class.

One of Mr. Mendoza’s many qualities is the act of perseverance in anything he put his mind to. He finishes his work rapidly fast and begins to help struggling students to understand the concept. As I’ve seen him progress in the year, I realized this is a bright individual and will be successful in any career he proceeds to choose. Mr. Mendoza is a hard-working student that is looking to better himself in the future. He has the ability to become one of the world’s finest doctors, and it would be incredibly naive to reject him into your school.

Mr. Mendoza is equipped to take on any obstacles and is ready for the challenge. He is a well rounded student and is looking for the right college to invest his time in to. He will become the face of Harvard’s Medicine school, and will be one of the most excellent doctors in the world. I wouldn’t be surprised if he became the best. If you would like to discuss Mr. Mendoza further, you may contacts me at smart67@gmail.com , or via phone (915)867-5309.

Best Regards,

Saul Martinez

Biology Department

AP IB Biology Teacher

El Dorado High School

Alpine, TX 89934

Tel: (915)654-3298


Persuasive Essay

I deserve to attend Harvard University for the medical program that Harvard has, because I'm a very intelligent individual and efficient, with a warm heart that wants to save young lives by using the skills that I will learn in the program. Since I was a little kid I always admired my doctor, he is the best doctor in my city he has saved a lot of lives. Dr. Canales is a pediatrician and he also majors in the field of cancer for little kids.

When i first started school in kinder and continued advancing to first and second grade I struggled with the english language, since my first language is Spanish. I went to tutoring during breaks and after school until 4th grade. When it came down to my first TAKS in english I did really good i did better than some people that were born speaking English, i got surprised, my parents got surprised and also my teacher. Since that day i started doing really good on the courses English/Reading , math and science. From that time i decided that i wanted to become a doctor to support my parents and my family in the future.

I haven't given up in my dream and have been always on top of my grades i've always had A’s and B’s. Some of the things that i have done that not a lot of people do is for example being in UIL for math, always place in the science fair of the school while doing soccer or swimming. Sometimes it is difficult but I've been able to hold on with the best grades as possible and extracurricular activities.

Attending Harvard’s medical program would mean a lot to me and it would help me get closer to my goals of being successful. I wont disappoint the program with my work rather I would impress them. My professor and many other teachers can support this idea they believe that i will be the next face on the medical program. I would like to attend Harvard because i'm a very skilled and intelligent individual and this is why I deserve to attend Harvard University.

Cover letter

Saul Martinez

Pediatric Clinic

16745 San Antonio st.

May 19, 2015

Dear Canales,

I am applying for the position of pediatrician in your clinic I would like to develop even more skills so i can finish my last year at Harvard University.

Like I mentioned I only have one year left of college the only thing that I'm missing is my final test and a hundred page essay. For my essay I need to talk about some of my experiences in the field of medicine and the only way to do that is to actually work in a hospital or a clinic. Having knowledge about the field gives me that advantage that you are looking for i know what to do I wont be asking any questions on what to do. One other thing that is really good is that i am up to date with the new diseases that scientist are finding out. I am very skilled with little kids I don't know what it is but I have that charm with the little ones.

I have noticed that a lot of people are starting to study medicine but they don't finish it that's why there is a low number of doctors available. I have many skills in the field and hopefully you can accept my admission into your clinic.


Alejandro Mendoza

12577 San Andreas st.

House: 896-568-4755

Cell: 998-687-2036

Degree Plan

Admission Requirements

4.0 GPAs, SAT scores (CR+M+W) above 2100, and ACT composite scores above 30.

This is the application for freshmen

  • Common/Universal College Application
  • Harvard College Questions for the Common Application or the Universal College Application Harvard supplement
  • $75 fee or a fee waiver
  • SAT or ACT with Writing
  • Normally, 2 SAT Subject Tests
  • School Report and high school transcript
  • Teacher Report (2)
  • Mid-Year School Report
  • Final School Report

Harvard Admissions Data (2013):

  • Percent of Applicants Admitted: 6%
  • GPA, SAT and ACT Graph for Harvard Admissions
  • Test Scores -- 25th / 75th Percentile
    • SAT Critical Reading: 700 / 800
    • SAT Math: 710 / 800
    • SAT Writing: 710 / 800
    • ACT Composite: 32 / 35
    • ACT English: 33 / 35
    • ACT Math: 31 / 35
    • ACT Writing: 8 / 10

Tuition (HMS)

Tuition $54,200

University Health Service Fee $992

Blue Cross/Blue Shield $2,366

Matriculation Fee* $100

Education Materials Fee† $425

Disability Insurance§ $68

Facilities Fee¶ $5,400

Fight song


The salary fo a pediatrician ranges fom $170,530 - $177,080

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the job field of pediatricians could see a 22% increase from 2008 to 2018. Pediatricians diagnose and treat infections, injuries, and many types of organic disease and dysfunction. Even more basically, Pediatricians take care of children. This might involve treating an ear infection or giving them their shots.

A normal day for a pediatrician consists of cheking patients for a disease or infection. After that they talk to the patient about what they have then telling them what type of medication to buy.

Job requirements

More than 5 years of experience, bachelors degree is the minimum formal education but may require a Masters or a Ph.D., must have on the job training. Must have the following skills: active listening, critical thinking, science, speaking and active learning. Last but not least area of knowledge that you must have: Medicine and Dentistry, Biology, Psychology, English Language ,Therapy and Counseling Customer and Personal Service, Education and Training, Administration and Management and Chemistry.

Campus Life

Oktoberfest in Harvard Square was started 1978 by the late Frank Cardullo, a Square mover and shaker and owner of the renowned Wursthaus, which served up traditional German food from 1917 until it closed in 1996. The early festivals were in keeping with the old world customs. Over the years, however, the festival has taken on a most discerningly Cambridge vibe to become an Oktoberfest unlike any other.

College Advertisement


Alejandro MENDOZA

12577 San Andreas St. | smart67@gmail.com | 998-687-2036


The objective is to work as a pediatrician so finally I can accomplish my goals and change the future of our world.

Skills & Abilities

Excellent with kids

Fluent speaker in Spanish and English

Have hands on experience in the field

Also have current knowledge of the new diseases

Active listener, Critical Thinker/Problem Solver

Experience ASSIstant At mARTINEZ cLINIC jUNE 1ST OF 2013 – May 27th of 2015

I helped Dr. Martinez with his patients but it was mostly so I could get hands on experience

Enter any content that you want to repeat, including other content controls. You can also insert this control around table rows in order to repeat parts of a table. Education Harvard Medical School, cambridge, ma


My GPA while attending Harvard’s Medical School was a 4.0

I got seat number three of my class

I got the award for achievement in education


I have a lot of friend thanks to my experience at Harvard. I was always one of those people that my friends wanted to invite to go out and eat. A lot of individuals from this area know me because of e working with Dr. Martinez.


I’m the one that always gets elected to lead a team or I get voted to be the team’s leader. I do make mistakes but at the end I fix them and make the results even better.

References Dr. Martinez, Doctor Martinez clinic

915- 278-4408

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