The founder of Daoism is laozi. laozi wrote a book named the dao de Jing. from many stories you can tell why he wrote the book. laozi work as an adviser to the Zhou dynasty until he was 90 years old and tired of the government. so he decided to leave china. on his way out a guard recognized him and asked if he would write his great teachings down and that's how Daoism came to be

yin & yang

nature is full of opposites like yin & yang."true harmony comes from balancing them."yin means shaded and yang means sunlit." both yin and yang are opposites like death and birth. the human life is made up of opposites in the same way."its also impossible to have good without bad. if this ever did happen the cosmic balance would be messed up. making the world not a good place for us. we are full of opposites.

true harmony

the people of daoism believe in true harmony." Daoists taught that people followed the way of nature by living simple lives of quiet meditation. they should accept whatever comes. like a blade of grass the bends when the breeze comes.also that everybody must discover Dao the them selves."to many laws and rules that add conflict with the way of nature. according to Dao rulers are the best when they rule in peace.


Where there's harmony there is nature." Daoism believe that everyone has to have harmony to have nature. laozi says that we should live naturally.living naturally in nature means no strict rules." we should also not have strict rulers.we need nature to survive. so they wanted to live naturally.

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