Abiotic Factors







biotic Factors

-high annual precipitation


-high humidity


-neutral wind

carrying capacity

1. The animals in the rain forest need food, water, shelter and space to survive

2. The population in the ecosystem of the rain forest depends on the carrying capacity of food, water, shelter and space. If there was a lack of resources some of the population would die off. Then if there was a lot of resources the animals would thrive in the eco system  

Limiting Factors

some of the limiting factors in the rainforest are floods and preateators. Limiting factors in the rainforest is the reduction of the population of a species that is limited due to a certain event.

Some preateators/prey relationships

Energy Roles

1. The producer of the Rain forest is plants ------> primary consumer consist of frogs, beetles, and ants ------> secondary consumers are monkeys and birds ------> a tertiary consumer is a lepoard

2. the plants in the rain forest get their energy from the sun to go through photosynthesis the the frogs, beetles, and ants get energy from the plants. the energy then gets passed on to the monkeys and birds then the lepoard.

3. The sun gives chemical energy to plants witch then gets turned into thermal and mecanical energy.

Food Chains and Food Webs

1. food webs are more realistic than food chains because food webs have more choices and more possible outcomes.

2. If I were to take all the plants out of my ecosystem the whole web would fall apart and eventaualy everything would die off.

Trophic level and energy pyramids





1. The shape of the pyramid for the food level is because it represents the population of the animals of how it decreases as it goes up the scale it also shows the depleation of energy as it goes up.

2. There are a higher number of plants because they get the most energy from the sun while less energy gets passed on from different animals.


3. sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide are needed for plants to create food witch is glucose and oxygen.


tropism that happens in the rainforest is hydrotropism and phototropism.

Phototropism in the rainforest helps plants grow in the direction of sun light.

Hydrotropism helps plants grow towards water witch is one of the main sources in photosynthesis.


Decomposers play a major role in the rainforest's ecosystem. They help turd dead life and waste into nutrients that is used for plants to grow. If there was no decomposers the whole rainforest would eventualy pile up with waste and everything would end up dieing.

Some decomposers in the rainforest are worms, mushrooms, fungi, dung beetles and some bactirea


There are certain adaptations that take place in the rainforest. Weather its for weather conditions, blending in to the environment or even for certain ways to get away from predators. One adaptation that helps a species in the rainforest is the tree frogs sticky feet to grip to bark on tall trees.

The bird has pretty feathers to attract a mate.

The snake is green to blend into leaves

The frogs have sticky feet to stick to bark.

If I where to put a tree frog in to the desert the frog would not be able to live because the frogs skin would dry out due to the lack of water.

Natural selection

Natural selection in the rainforest is where certain animals tend to survive because of a certain adaptation that is better and the ones that survive have more off spring.

The bird eats more of the green bugs because they are easier to see therefore the brown bugs are chose by natural selection.

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