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Friday Roundup - 12th September 2014

Headteacher's Blog

Students have made a strong start back this term. My assemblies have focused on ensuring that we all make the most of the time we have at Thomas Alleyne's. Be that taking part in Duke of Edinburgh, sports practice, arts events or by ensuring we focus fully in lessons and complete homework to the very best of our abilities. Sixth formers have been reminded that when they have their 'study periods' this is the time when they can pursue the independent work they need to do in order to achieve the highest possible grades.

We also looked forward to the day when students would be coming up to collect the 'brown envelope' which will contain their GCSE and A level results and reflected on how quickly the days pass. We also remembered that once gained these results are with students for the rest of their lives.
The words of Jim Lawless in his book 'Taming Tigers' stay with me:

“If you have the good fortune to be living in the free world, you are the one writing the story of your life.

The very beginning of your story was dictated by genetics and environment, of course. Later, you made of that what you chose to make of it. No excuses. We make decisions, act accordingly and get our results.'

Interestingly in the report 'Generation Connected' published by DEMOS, it is claimed that this generation of teenagers are more socially aware than any generation previously. In order for them to make a difference, as a school, we need to make sure they have the education, care and guidance to be successful. If you would like to read the full report please follow the link

A group of people who make a real difference to the school are the school PTA. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the group who offer fantastic support to the school. We met this week and they have decided to raise money to replace the lockers in school something I know many students will appreciate.
In our PTA meeting we also discussed how valuable it was for myself and the senior team, to receive the views of parents in the meeting. We have decided that at each meeting we will have a discussion item from our school improvement plan where we can gather parents' views. In our next meeting we will be reviewing the school reports. If you would like to join our PTA or attend meetings to share your views please join us on Monday 10th November at 7.30pm.

You may read the article in the Post and Times today regarding plans for Uttoxeter schools. We will be liaising with the county council to receive more details as to their plans for the schools in the area; in the meantime our focus is on ensuring that all students receive the best possible education at Thomas Alleyne's.

And my last words come from Hannah in my Year 9 English class who has been at the school for less than 8 days. When asked to write a sentence about her dreams she simply wrote this...

'I dream that one day I will get there and show people who thought I could not do it, that I can. I can do it by being organised, listening to others, doing my best even if I fall behind or something happens in my life.'

Thank you for reading.

What will be in your brown envelope?

What will be in your brown envelope, it's up to you!


For those of you that have ordered iPads through the latest scheme they should be in school next week. We look forward to seeing them in the hands of the pupils and impacting on the learning that occurs both in and out of the classroom.

Music News

All music extra curricular groups start from Monday 15th September in preparation for the Christmas concert and to practice for the Tour to New York!

Monday after school: Wind Band

Wednesday lunch: Choir

Wednesday after school : Jazz Band

Friday lunch: String ensemble

All rehearsals take place in room 67. Lunch time rehearsals are 1.30 until 2pm and please bring a packed lunch on that day, which you can eat in room 67 in order to make a prompt start. After school rehearsals are from 3.15 until 4pm.

If you missed the Friday lunch time meeting to find out about New York, then please see me as soon as possible to register your interest. It's not too late! "New York, New York it's a wonderful town!"

Year 12 Parents Induction Evening

This is a presentation evening takes place on Thursday 18th September, during which Mrs Dodd, Head of Sixth Form, will be explaining the educational process and the pastoral support that is available to Year 12 students over the next two years. The focus of the presentation is to try and address issues raised by parents. This will also be an opportunity to get an insight into life in the 6th Form, the expectations that we have of our students and for us to answer any queries that you may have. The evening will begin at 6.30pm prompt in the school theatre, we look forward to welcoming you.

Yr 12 students have been given letters about this evening which they should be taking home.

Sixth Form Twitter

For all of the latest news and updates on the sixth form please follow them on twitter:


ELBS WW1 Project

Over the Summer we saw the release of the digital project to commemorate the memorial of WWI completed by the now Year 11 group of ELBs students. Since then two of the pupils visited London to represent the school along with Ed Barker the former farm manager.

To view the video follow this link

The photo below shows the pupils and Ed from Thomas Alleyne's along with Alan Medway from the local library, Dominic Smith in charge of the project, Ed Vaizey MP and The head of Library Services.

Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Last night our successful Duke of Edinburgh Award candidates from last year were awarded with their bronze, silver and gold awards. The presentation took place at the JCB club in Rocester, well done to all on this fantastic achievement.

The images below are taken from the program for the night and show all of the pupils who have attained an award.

School Subs

Once again we are asking families to make a voluntary donation to school funds in the form of Subs to help us provide additional resources and activities for all students throughout the school. This donation goes towards events such as the Year 11 Celebration Day, transport to sports fixtures, benches in social areas etc. The voluntary contribution consists of a single payment of £10 in Year 9 which will cover all activities in Lower School. Those in Year 10 and 11 hopefully made a payment in previous years, but if you haven't yet done so or perhaps wish to make an additional payment, we would very much welcome this.

We ask for a single payment of £5 in Year 12 to see them through the two years of Sixth Form, again if you are in Year 13 and didn't contribute last year but wish to do so now, we would be very grateful.

It is possible to make all payments through ParentPay and this is our preferred method of payment. It is easy to add Subs to your payments when paying for resources or school meals. We do still accept payments by cash or cheque if necessary and these can be paid in to our Admin Office any morning before school or at breaktime. If you have completed a Gift Aid form, we will be able to claim back a further amount from HMRC. A form can be downloaded from the documents section of our website. Many thanks to anyone who has already made a contribution - your generosity is very much appreciated.

Uniform Sale

On Thursday 18th September, Sportsland will be holding a uniform and PE kit sale in the canteen. They will be available between 6.30-8.30pm.

Sports Results

Year 9 Boys football played 3 games on Thursday!

The A team beat West Park 8-2 in the national cup.

The B team lost 2-0 to QEGS away against their A team.

The C team won 11-0 against QEGS B team away.

A fantastic start with 38 boys making their Thomas Alleyne's début.

In rugby the year 10 boys narrowly lost to Walton away on Tuesday with the year 11 boys beating the same school 19-14 at home on Thursday.