eLeads Learn-Use-Grow

Why eLeads Matter!

First Responders for Teachers

Partners in Leading Innovation in the Classroom

Decision Makers Advocating for Student and Teacher Needs

Leaders of Professional Development

eLeads are Lead LEARNers!

eLeads participate in a variety of professional development opportunities:

  • Mac training
  • iLife training
  • Challenge Based PD
  • District Technology PD with Tech Mentors
  • edCamp Liberty
  • Monthly group eLead meetings with building coach, Tracey, and admin
  • Monthly individual planning meetings with building coach
  • Rotating schedule of PD so that eLeads continue to get PD
  • Second Semester study of digital integration using Enhancement/Transformation framework (SAMR Model)

eLeads USE technology to model best practices!

eLeads open up their classrooms to staff to observe digital integration in action. Highlighting eLead classrooms during Campus Crawl weeks and through classroom video are other ways we are breaking down the silo effect that can plague schools.

eLeads also visit classrooms in a monthly learning walk with the building coach to discuss ideas for further enhancing or transforming learning experiences and capture a realistic snapshot of digital integration.

eLeads support GROWth!

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