Refurbishment of Southampton Civic Centre Bell Frame

Refurbishment of this monument is on-going and the work is being carried out by Matthew Higby & Company Ltd, Church Bell Engineers from near Bath.
A large proportion of the work involves tidying up and protecting the metal framework that acts as a support for the famous bell.
Further to discussions on suitable products, the following are being used to tidy and protect the structure for many years to come.

  • Vactan Rust Converter is being used on the sound rust to convert it to a stable matrix , and also to provide a primed surface for a topcoat.
  • Bitumastic Coloured Solution is being used as a tough, resistant, decorative topcoat for the Vactan, the chosen colour being Dark Blue.
  • In some areas, where a tough, flexible, high build bitumen has been required, and Intex has been the choice for this.

We trust that all goes well with the project and that it is completed to expectations.