Feudal Society By: Jared Hernandez and Marcus Reyes

Essential Question: How does government impact the wealth and wellness of its people?

What is Feudalism & How did it Develop?

  • Type of political and military system based on land given by Lords to vassals formed in Western Europe.
  • Usually given from certain deeds and services that the vassals did to the lord. Their bond was so strong, a contract was even made between them.
  • The lord gives the land, or fief, to the vassal from all the deeds that he did.
  • Empires with central governments, such as the Western Roman Empire, started to collapse after no leaders governed and multiple invasions occurred.
  • Idea developed in the 700's to help strengthen the kingdom. The ways and teachings of law, social classes, and a new economy was a new way to benefit the government and the citizens.

What is Manorialism?

  • Coming from the word manor, a large estate, peasants worked on a plot of land where the lord lives
  • Peasants relied on the lord for the protection they needed from enemies.
  • Considered to be "Caste System". it helped organize the government of Feudalism.

Major Roles in the Government

  1. Vassals: Leaders of the land given to them by the lord. Some vassals would earn more land depending on status and ties with the king. They act as the "lord of the land". Could be vassal of certain, but to others he is a lord.
  2. Knights: Horseback warriors who protected the king in exchange for land. They start at a young age, working at a squire, then a knight at 21.
  3. Peasants: People who worked as a farmer on the vassal's land. They were vital to feudal society because they provided food and services that are needed higher up in the chain.

Feudal Contract

  • Ceremony of a person who wanted to serve and become a follower for the lord.
  • Once sworn under oath, the lord would recognize the person as a servant
  • This ceremony was a contract exchange between that vassal and the lord.

Decline of Feudalism (13th Century)

  • Soldiers were now being paid, and that affected knights who were given by the vassals.
  • Newer technology put the old, outdated knights into misery.
  • Wealthier cities led to the release of an aristocracy.

Effects on Western Europe

After the turmoil of the Western Roman Empire, Feudalism acted in as a way to strengthen falling society that was. Having a more centralized government with "states" made it easier to govern and maintain an economy. The economy also offered benefits to each class, such as military protection and land grants. This helped boost back the fallen Rome into a newly advanced society that would flourish in the future.

To Bring it All Back...

So how does government impact the wealth and wellness of its people?

Now that you know about Feudalism and its major impact...

What would happen if Feudalism was not implemented in Western Europe?

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