MAY 2015

End of Year Wrap Up

As you wrap up your year, here are some suggestions to consider (if you haven't already):

End of Year Celebrations

Leesa will be celebrated at an MIS/HPMS retirement reception next Monday, May 18 from 3:45 - 4:45 p.m. in our 5/6 Assembly Room.  Join us if you can!

Then, let's get together for our own relaxed celebration of Leesa's new chapter, the year behind us, and the summer before us.  Please add to the Doodle to help us find a date:

Summer Trainings

Poetry All Year Long

I always seem to remember the beauty and power of poetry in April, National Poetry Month, and then fail to celebrate it again until the following April.  Next year, I want to try to incorporate it (and help teachers incorporate it) throughout the year.  For inspiration, I attended a webinar last week with Dr. Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong.  

These two poetry gurus have several excellent strategies and resources for educators; below are just a few.  Because of the power of poetry, its potential impact on students, and its new -found prominence in the TEKS (which gets teachers' and administrators' attention!), poetry is worth our time and attention.  Join me in embracing this literary form.  :)

https://www.pinterest.com/pomelobooks/ - This site offers printables - large or small (for pockets!)

http://www.poetrycelebrations.com/ - Poetry celebrations all year long

The Last Day of School


I will sleep late,

walk my dog,

ride my bike,

read for fun,

play some tunes,

text my friends,

meet at the mall …

hey, wait,

maybe I’ll do

nothing at all





- Stephanie Calmenson

Congrats on a great school year!
Best wishes for a smooth end and a blissful start to the summer.  :)