Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

R. McHale


Alexander Graham Bell

One of the most important inventions in the field of communications during the modern age is the telephone. This invention  enabled us to talk to our friends and families without the hassle of traveling far and going to their place. Many of us these days have forgotten and not recognize the importance of telephone in our lives.

Gasoline Engine-1876

Nicholas Otto

The invention of the gasoline powered engine because it allowed the farmers to get rid of horses for tillage and get production done much faster. It also made the development of cars, trucks and airplanes possible. With out this invention we would not be able to get to Florida from Ohio in less than a day. This also made mowing your lawn much more easier or even possible.


Nicholas Otto

A seismograph is important because it can monitor the movement of the ground before an earthquake happens. It will inform the people of what is about to come. This will intentionally save many peoples lives. The seismograph also tells the weather men and women the intensity of the earthquake, so that they can inform the people how much caution to take and how fast. Thus the seismograph saving thousands.


Thomas A. Edison

Without this invention we would still be spending our days and nights in darkness.Unless you prefer the use of candle light, oil lamps, camp fires all the time. Light bulbs are an important part of our daily lives because they provide the light we need in order to see. The invention enables us to be able to conduct work at night. This greatly improves productivity, enhances the quality of our life, and reduces crime rates.

Automatic Dishwasher-1886

Josephine Cochrane

The automatic dishwashers is very important because in the dishwasher the water would get very hot sterilizing the germs and killing them. This also cut the work of washing dishes in half. When you hand wash you may forget some spots on forks, spoons, plates, bowls you name it. Then if someone were to use those utensils they could be infected with various bacteria. Which is why the dishwasher is so important.


Thomas A. Edison

The significance of the phonograph is that it created a future for sound recording. The phonograph helped people come up with new ideas for new inventions on sound recording. It was the mother of many recording and music playing devices.


Christopher Sholes

The typewriter was important because it allowed for more efficiency in shorthand. It eventually became a symbol of the American woman worker, as secretaries all over the country began using them. It also allowed for its expansion and sped up life.

Powered flight-1903

Wilbur and Orville Wright

The invention of the first powered flight was important because it was the beginning of flight. If the first flight didn't happen we might not be able to go to different countries. The invention increased the speed of travel, trade, and shipments.

first hand held camera-1888

George Eastman

The first hand-held camera was important because  it would save important memories and events of history. This allowed to capture a moment in time that they would like to remember.  Without this camera we would not have the high quality photos of wars and presidents.

Sewing Machine-1846

Elias Howe

The sewing machine greatly assisted our economy and affects our daily lives. The clothes we wear today were produced by a type of sewing machine. The sewing machine made making fabric easier and faster than having it hand made. If the sewing machine were not invented, we would not be wearing nice or sufficient clothes. The sewing machine was brought up during the Industrial Revolution.

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